1. The Traqplan Timeline Interface

Traqplan is a timeline visualiser which excels at creating clean, simple, automated views for multiple projects.
The Interface

2. Getting Started... display a basic timeline

Populate the task name AND (Start date AND/OR Finish date) to create a timeline
Getting Started - display a basic timeline

3. Change how the Timeline is presented. (Layout Options)

Layout Options (includes bars, milestones, phases & gantt layout)

6. Show what changed

Populate the "Comparison Finish Date" field to show red and green movement lines.
This is useful to show what has changed since a previous baseline or report.
Show what changed

7. Drop a vertical line

With the timeline showing, a vertical line can be added to run through each project.
This is useful for things such as the current date, status date, year end etc.
Add Vertical Line

8. Use the "% Complete" field to show completed tasks as Grey

This is often used along with the "today" vertical line to show at a glance when plans have been updated properly.
Everything to the left of the vertical should be grey, everything to the right should not be grey.
Mark completed tasks grey

9. Dynamic Settings

Editors can customise traqplan using the normal PowerBI fields.  Traqplan timeline also provides what we call the “dynamic settings” dialog which allows your non-editing users to customise their own report after publishing, without affecting published defaults for other users.
Dynamic Settings

11. Autofit and Zooming

The default is for the visual to auto scale to fit the window size. However users can remove autofit and manually set the font size using the "minimum font size" field.
Autofit and Zoom